If you are here that means you are probably having some issues with your iPad.  Here are some useful tips to help solve some of the more common issues. 

First make sure you iPad is up to date.  Go to Settings–>General–>Software update, and then install any updates that are necessary.

Did an App suddenly stop working properly?  Go to Self Service and tap ‘Reinstall’ on the app; this will install any updates that the app needs.

Is the iPad sluggish or glitchy?  Make sure you don’t have too many things open.  Double press the home button and swipe apps you aren’t using off the screen.  Also, if you have too many windows open is Safari, that can slow things down too.  Press and hold one of the windows at the top, and you can close all of the other tabs.

Can’t log into an app because you forgot your username or password?  Remember, your username is the first 6 letters of your lastname, then a period, then the first 6 of your first name, then your day you were born on.  So, for Jonathan Smithers born on August 17th, it would be smithe.jonath17 . Your password is lowercase sv and your six digit student number (which is the same as your lunch number).  If you need more help with that, fill out the form.

 If these do not work for you, or you are here because you have forgotten your passcode, fill out this form.  Remember, if you have forgotten your passcode, don’t keep randomly guessing…this will only lead to your iPad getting disabled, And don’t turn it off.  Fill out the form, and someone from our tech team will reset the passcode. This form can also be used for lost or damaged iPads.  Please note, although we will try to address your issue as soon as possible, it could take up to 48 hours to get a response.