POP Into Reading Summer Challenge

Another Fantastic Summer Reading Program!  May 27th - August 13th.


What do you have to do: Get Reading! And record your books on the  Pop Into Reading Log.

What can you win:  Students who read at least 5 books this summer and complete their reading log will be invited to celebrate with POPcorn and POPsicles.  The top 15 readers in our school, along with Ms. Johnston, will be invited to participate in the catered Book Talk lunch in our library to discuss the books they enjoyed over the summer. 

Where can I get a reading log:   RIGHT HERE!

What can I read: Any book counts.  This means you can read:  Print Books, EBooks, Audio books, MyOn Books, books from the library, books from the store, books you already own....If it's a book, it counts!

Remember to check out the St Vrain digital library for books, or MyON.  If you're really stuck on what you should read next, you can always email Ms. Johnston and ask for suggestions.  It may take a day or two, but she'll get back to you.