MyOn Summer Reading Challenge

MyOn Summer Reading Challenge

It’s SUMMER!  And this year we are celebrating the Olympics and MyOn together with our Olympic Summer MyON Decathlon! Complete all of the events for a chance to win fabulous prizes!  Stories, crafting, coding, cooking, its all here in MyOn books. Did you know that spending 30-40 minutes each day on MyOn during break can help your reading comprehension, increase your knowledge, and cure boredom.  Start a new series , learn to code, or check out one of the many craft books and make something fun.  There are lots of new books for this year, including the Influential People biography series, Gross Jobs, and Yasmin!  This season’s MyOn Challenge includes Preschoolers!  

And did we mention the prizes?   Our school could win up to $2,500! And there are tons of prizes you can win too!  Everyone who participates can win a prize.  Here’ how:

  • Rising PK-2nd Grade: Read for a total of 1,500 minutes (20 minutes a day) and you win a prize.  PK-2 Decathlon Sheet
  • Rising 3rd-5th Grade: Read for a total of 2,500 minutes  (30 minutes a day) and you win a prize.    3-5 Decathlon sheet
  • Our top 5 rising 6th graders can win some cool middle school swag. Rising 6th Decathlon sheet
  • If our school wins first or second, we all get a Popsicle Party!
  • And the top 3 grade levels will win Gold, Silver, and Bronze Field days!

Remember, time only counts while you are actively reading a book, not while you are browsing the library.  This contest runs from Thursday, May 27th through Tuesday, August 17th.  All students can access the MyOn website on their iPads using their district username and password. If using a different device, students can use the MyOn link on our homepage, the Ceran Student homepage, or at – at the bottom of the page you will see “Log in with Clever”.  Or you can just click Here.  The students will use their SVVSD user name and password (do not include the  We have practiced this at school and the students all had the opportunity to make a favorites list. 

If you have any questions about using MyOn, please contact Ms Johnston at

Please help us by having your child(ren) get on MyON over the break.

Need some great suggestions?  Here are some of the most popular books with our students on MyOn:

  • Yasmin!
  • Stars of Sports
  • Adventures in Makerspace
  • Influential People 
  • Gross Jobs
  • The Scooby Doo series
  • Games Around the World (part of a series)
  • Any of the Dinosaur Wars books
  • Myth-O-Mania
  • I Know a Sasquatch
  • Red Riding Hood: Super Hero (part of a series)
  • Wile E Coyote Experiment books (A series of simple Physics explainations using Wile E. Coyote)
  • Mighty Mighty Monsters
  • Max Axiom
  • Batman
  • Let’s get busy reading!  And thank you to all of you who encourage your child to participate!

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