Winter Break MyOn Challenge!!

Selection of MyOn books including Schooby Doo, Benji Franklin, Kylie Jean, and Lin Manuel Miranda.

Winter break is here and it’s time to snuggle up to some great books on MyOn. This years Winter Break Challenge will start on Friday, December 17th and run through Wednesday, January 5th. We won the Thanksgiving Challenge and are really hoping to keep our championship streak alive, but we will need everyone’s help if we are going to win that $3,000. There are so many great books on MyOn to choose from. From great stories to how-to books, kids are sure to find something they like.

And, did we mention the prizes? If our school has the most minutes per student, we will win $3,000! And we will celebrate by having an All School COOKIE PARTY!!! Our top 10 readers from Pk-2nd grade and our top 10 from 3rd-5th grade will get to have a lunch and robot party with Ms. Johnston. Our top class will get a Pizza Party and that teacher will win a $50 Amazon card for their classroom! And every student can win some GLOW IN THE DARK Squishies! For every 500 minutes you read, you will get a Squishy; if you read 1000 minutes you get 2 Squishies, and 2000 minutes will get you 4 Squishies! And, if every student that reaches 2000 minutes will win a $5 gift certificate to the Book Fair in February!

Students can access MyOn on their iPads through ClassLink. We have practiced this at school several times, so they should be able to do it from home. If you need help with MyOn, please email Ms Johnston at If you need help with their username and password for Classlink, please contact your student’s teacher.

Happy Reading Everyone!!!

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Having Tech Issues with MyOn or ClassLink? Here are some solutions to the most common problems.

Logging into ClassLink
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