MyOn Spring Reading Challenge

Hello Hygiene Hawks,

It is time for another MyOn Reading Challenge.  This one runs from April 1st - April 10th.  We took 3rd in the Thanksgiving Challenge, 2nd in the Winter Challenge....Let's see what we can acheive this time! We hope you all find time during Spring Break to check out some of the great books on MyOn - not just stories, there are also cookbooks, arts and crafts books, and science activities books. 

Please note: To have their minutes count, it is best if they go to the MyOn website at instead of using the MyOn app that is available on iPads and Android devices. 


To Log into MyOn please visit  The students will log into MyOn the same way they log into computers here at school.  Username is the first 6 letters of their last name - . - first six letters of their first name - two digit birthdate.  Their password is sv and their lunch number.


Example for Jonathon Johnson birthday May 21  Lunch id 123456

School Name:  Hygiene Elementary

Login name: johnso.jonath21

Password: sv123456