Hawk Air Pluto

Our voyage is complete, and what an extraordinary trip it was!  The students were amazed, the staff was greatly impressed, and the guests were awestruck at the incredible work that was done for this event. We even had Nelson Garcia from channel 9 news and Longmont Times-Call travel with us!  Click their links to view those stories.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all of the people who made this happen.

PTO Presidents Teri Motheral and Mikki Kobza for their vision and strong partnership with us.

Malcolm Morrison of MLM construction for building a planet.

Michael O'Toole, our SVVSD Science Coordinator

Dr. Cathy Olkin and her team from New Horizons for the incredible assembly and virtual field trip.

Pat Rawlings, for presenting his Space Illustrations to our students.

Astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao and the Space Foundation for the inspiring presentation and STEM projects.

TinkerMill, the Longmont Maker Space for all their help on the 4th grade vehicles.

Dr. Roger Billica, former Chief of Medicine at NASA, for his all his help teaching 5th graders about medical issues space explorers would face.

Brian Sanders from the Colorado Space Grant Consortium for ideating with our design team.

Sticker Giant for creating all of the great stickers for our space suits.

Mac and Mikki Kobza for their work with 1st grade water filtration systems.

Tara Jensen for the 2nd grade meteorology presentation.

RAFT Colorado for all of our Pluto necessities.

Peter Falcon and the Jet Propulsion Lab team for all their guidance.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science for the Skype presentation to 5th grade art classes on how to merge science and art to create accurat illustrations.

And, of course, our amazing PTO for everything they do.  Always.