Michele Bourgeois

Staff Department

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Michele Bourgeois, LCSW has many years in education, including 20 as an elementary school counselor in SVVSD.  In her work with students, she draws on her experience and training in counseling, positive psychology, conflict resolution, NVC (Non-Violent or Compassionate Communication), Brain Gym, Yoga, Mindfulness, and other Embodiment practices.   Michele’s passion is helping students to understand the connection between Mind-Body-Heart (Thoughts-Physical Sensation and Movement- Emotions) and to use that awareness for emotional regulation, joy, and well-being.  She splits her time between Hygiene and Lyons Elementary and works with students in the classroom setting, as well as, in groups and individual settings.

Hygiene Peace Pledge

We will…..

Make Peace,

Be Fair,

Give Love,

Show we Care,

Be Kind, Have Fun,

Be a Friend to Everyone,

Quick to Forgive, Be True,

And all this will come back to you.

When we argue talk things out,

That’s what Peace Place is about,

To Everyone, Give a Smile,

That’s the Hygiene Peace PALS Style.