Hug-and-Go Policies and Procedures


HES Parking Rules

The safety of all students is of utmost importance to Hygiene Elementary staff and parents.  Please respect the rules below when picking up or dropping off your students!

Please remember, Hug and Go supervision starts at 9:00am.  Please do not drop off your students before that time.


  • DO hang up your cell phone when entering the Hug-and-Go lane.


  • DO NOT park in the “Hug & Go” lane at any time. 

       This includes Preschool and ½ day Kindergarten.


  • DO pull all the way forward in the Hug and Go Lane to close the gap between you and the car in front of you.  Continue to move forward as cars exit the lane and you wait for your child.


  • DO NOT get out of your vehicle when stopped in the “Hug & Go” lane. 


  • DO park in the diagonal parking spaces if you need to walk up to the building to meet your child or drop something off.


  • DO NOT stop directly in front of the school, even in bad weather, as this blocks the incoming and outgoing buses.


  • DO let children out only on the sidewalk side of the car! 


  • DO NOT let them out when you are in the middle drive through lane


  • DO NOT leave your car idling in the parking lot. 


  • DO set a strong example for your child and use the crosswalk.



Adults who do not follow these guidelines will be reported to the authorities.

Remember, this is for the safety of our children!

Thank you!